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Re: (TFT) Reality vs. Game Mechanics

Seems to me the low-end TFT "Rapier" is more like what was called a small sword than a rapier. It does seem inaccurate to have a late fencing weapon included on a medieval sword list as simply the wimpiest sword, with no redeeming qualities except that you could do Fencing/Two Weapons with it (for an obviously bogus reason in the Two Weapons Talent - clearly Earth Florentine teaching habits have no reason to have anything to do with Cidri).

Also seems to me that the weights are clearly not historically nor physically accurate. One might try to rationalize them in terms of "effective weight", to support the trade-off between cost and weight which is really there for color and game balance rather than for realism, it seems to me. I would prefer to use real weights, but I do think there are other differences between swords and axes in terms of cost and performance which TFT fails to capture. (GURPS tries and it seems to me does a much more accurate and detailed/cumbersome job, but isn't perfectly accurate either.)
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