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Re: (TFT) Howard Thompson versus Steve Jackson (and Pole Weapons)

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 14:11, PvK <pvk@oz.net> wrote:
> I like the +1 die versus doubling suggestion too, which I think is also an
ancient house rule (did it even make it into Interplay? I think maybe it

This is not quite the same point you're making, but while perusing AM and
pole weapons, I came across a variant of doubling damage in the context of
Mounted Combat (section 9 of AM, p.32 under ATTACKS). The last line is
interesting because the "double damage" interpretation is not a multiplier
of the 1d+2 (single roll) but a doubling of the dice rolls and bonus:

A rider also gets a "damage bonus" if he is moving at a
> high rate of speed. On any turn where a rider moves more
> than 8 hexes and attacks, his weapon does an automatic +2
> damage. This, of course, does not apply to missile or thrown
> weapons. It DOES apply to pole weapons, and is in addition to
> the double damage for a charge attack. A spear used
> one-handed, for instance, does 1 die damage. If the horseman
> traveled 8 or more hexes that turn before striking, it would do
> (1+2).
> Since this would also be a charge attack with a pole
> weapon, the damage is doubled to (2+4).

The rules for cavalry lance (just after) refer to a 3-1 lance doing 6+2
after an 8-hex charge. Seems a much different way to calculate double damage
than the 2x multiplier given in Turn 5 of section 7's Example Combat in AM.
Pretty sure this question came up before...
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