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Re: (TFT) Lightning

Really, Jay? I feel like that was a "troll" post. Clearly the lightning spell doesn't mean a natural sky-to-ground strike, so why would your statistics be relevant? What does it have to do with the number of people struck in the modern USA? Interesting stats by themselves, sort of, but how are they relevant?

The voltage-to-ST-conversion seems to me a great example of why not to try to do what you say you're trying to do, which is to make some sort of universal unit of ST/damage.

If you have problems with lightning, why don't you have problems with fireball? An electric discharge works closer to the way lightning works in the game, than real fire works like a fireball, it seems to me. Though, I saw a nifty up-the-sleeve fireball generator in a magic shop the other day. Also, the complaint you have made about fireball effect radius before, niggles me because fireball clearly doesn't work that way in TFT, but the Interplay spell Fire Blast does.

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Lightning drives me crazy.
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