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(TFT) Re: Lightning

At 18:12 -0400 10/25/11, Jay wrote:
But it still takes more than 3 mega-Volts to breakdown air electrically even
if your just counting in Melee-hexes.

For what it's worth, Power = voltage * current. Natural lightning has a whole lot of both. It is entirely possible to generate voltage with almost no current (or the other way around) which means very little power is dissipated at the end-point. For example, on a really dry day, you can crank up 50,000 volts by shuffling across a carpet in your shoes - but with almost no current. Compare the damage resulting when you touch a radiator (Snap - ow!) to the 46 kV feeder line incinerating the crane and exploding the concrete under it, on the 7th link on the above page. The difference is the amount of current.

This is a lot like the discussions we had earlier about speed and energy. A molecule moving at several km/sec isn't dangerous - they are all over the place, many hitting you right now. A BB moving at several km/sec is deadly. A locomotive moving at several km/sec is a weapon of mass destruction. The difference in that case is not the speed - it's the mass.

For the electric case, it's not the voltage - that tells how much energy *per electron* is available - it's the product of voltage and current. That is, (energy per electron) times (number of electrons).

I don't have too much trouble with the idea of a wizard being able to call up arbitrary voltage to punch through the air resistance between him and the target, and the current then being the deciding factor on how much damage gets done when it hits. There are worse problems with faraday-cage armor, aiming the thing, preventing it from shorting out in rain, etc. etc.

	seconded kudos on the artwork! It does look really good.
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