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Re: (TFT) Lightning

Okay all, I understand the beatdown on the data I spit and I get it.
This is not my "comfort" area for one thing and for another this is a
fishing attempt.
As Principal Skinner might say "Prove me WRONG children!"
I understand that I have a poor grasp of what "Lightning" actually IS in the
(I get the point about Fireball too but let's stick with one effect at a
It bugs me that I've such a poor grasp on the thing but at the same time I
don't have much more to go on.
It looks like matching an "effect" to a dice progression to me as the
Missile Spells are written without a ton of accessable info on a given
The reason I go with a "Ma Nature" bolt is because I'm concerned with
military Units of wizards Aiding a really big "bolt".
Pairing a nature-bolt down into a TFT Spell scale seems to have some
problems from a real-world model pov.
But I like some of the visuals.
Let Lightning spit sound with his discharges like the Tesla coil stuff I
refrenced and it's kind of nifty but how bad is it on an operator if the
Faraday Cage is breached?
What I'm curious about is just how the effect should be generally judged
across game-worlds.
Is a "Lightning" Spell just a damage range that isn't really related to
electromagnetic stuff or do I try and stick to the real-world stuff to model
the game-world?
No excuse for my "shameful" data and what have you.
I get it, this is a main reason I'm here.
I'm not claiming to be the brightest bulb on the shelf I'm just steady
trying to advance.
Like a J-ombie!
Do I have to do everything?
No wonder g.o.d. got "tired".
Tom Sawyer's achievement with the bloody fence is not well understood...
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