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Re: (TFT) Space travel

Hi Denis, everyone.
I read about an idea for a Dyson sphere around
a whole galaxy.  The gravity gradient was so
low that you actually could ride a chariot 
pulled by swans to the moon...

Yes, there have been a lot of lost probes to
Mars.  However, the USA & JPL's rate of 
success is actually pretty good compared to
the rest of the world.


On Wed, 2011-30-11 at 13:01 -0500, Denis DesHarnais wrote:
> Also, since this is a fantasy game, there's no particular reason things
> have to be so far from each other, or that outer space be airless.  As a
> matter of fact, space travel might just involve riding a balloon up to the
> giant, curved ceiling with all the little candles on it and talking to the
> dude who lights them every night.  In these cases, space combat could still
> be conducted with bows and arrows.
> Probably missing the point, by those are my thoughts....
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