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Re: (TFT) non megahex? and wheres the downloadable TFT map.


The Melee and Wizard microgames came with megahex battle maps. Some of the microquests did too, but Death Test and Death Test 2 used the Melee map.

See for example the Melee map here: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/473320/melee-redesign

The only Wizard map I easily googled was folded but you can see the layout here:

ITL, AW and AM also had some pages in the middle with megahexes on them, which were marked "permission to photocopy". IIRC, ITL had the largest set of contiguous hexes printed, on a 2-page spread, but the point in ITL was that you could photocopy them as much as you wanted, cut them out and arrange them in whatever way you wanted.

There is a good big bunch of megahexes at the following link, which you can zoom in on and print:


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