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Re: (TFT) non megahex? and wheres the downloadable TFT map.

Of course it depends what hex you are standing in that first megahex to start counting from.... :^)

We did 5 for a while. But 6 just "seemed" more right, so we switched.

And we use a range string, especially with 3D terrain. Just tie off knots every 5 or 6 hexes (whichever you use). Leave a little on the ends so you have room to hold the string with one of the knots over the figure with the ranged weapon. Not only tells you the range it helps with line of sight.

David O. Miller

On Feb 28, 2012, at 1:50 PM, PvK wrote:

What David said, except I would say that the more accurate conversion is more like 5 hexes for every two megahexes, rather than 6, and with a "free" first hex if you want to simulate the TFT missile rules where 0-2 MH is -1DX, 3-4 MH range is -2DX, etc. Another (even more real-world-geometry-like) alternative is to use a ruler with hexes on it, which, again, I would mark at the length of 5 hexes in a line, if I wanted to measure two-megahex increments.
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