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Re: (TFT) non megahex? and wheres the downloadable TFT map.

Self-correction: 0-2 MH is -0DX, 3-4MH -1DX, 5-6MH -2DX, etc. I wrote the penalty was one higher.

--- pvk@oz.net wrote:

What David said, except I would say that the more accurate conversion is more like 5 hexes for every two megahexes, rather than 6, and with a "free" first hex if you want to simulate the TFT missile rules where 0-2 MH is -1DX, 3-4 MH range is -2DX, etc. Another (even more real-world-geometry-like) alternative is to use a ruler with hexes on it, which, again, I would mark at the length of 5 hexes in a line, if I wanted to measure two-megahex increments.

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