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Re: (TFT) GURPS combat complexity etc.

I called it give ground but it's called Retreat and is found in all basic sets back to Man To Man, but you might have to find it in a sidebar in some editions. Look up Retreat in the index of any Basic Set. Fourth Edition actually has the version that's like my house rule, where encumbrance affects the amount of bonus.

One of the interesting things about the GURPS rules, is that it was written to let you learn the basic rules and then add complexity in an unstructured way, by means of a kind of semi-narrative explanation if you read it straight through, with many important rules tucked into sidebars. I think this format can be good to learn the rules gradually and pick and choose, but I also think it has two pitfalls. One is that it can be hard to find rules sometimes during play. The other is that it can be harder to learn and grasp all the rules, and I think it contributes to the overwhelm of everyone else who hasn't yet thoroughly learned everything.


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i didnt take it for condesc at all. thanks for enlightening.

what book is give ground in?
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