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Re: (TFT) Politics ramblings

"  I would guess one gets to be king of a tribe using a somewhat gentler
version of the above strategy, though."

hee hee hee I am C.

So it all used to be Tribes.
I'm told it was one called Adam that first decided to bend Mother Nature to
his will by the sweat of his brow.
It must have been a pitiful sight to the other tribes, Adam's people
struggling to turn the soil and plant the crops, always up with the dawn to
scurry about all day rather than ordering their cycles by the moon that
guides the movements of the herds.
How foolish it must have all seemed until the day Cains people tried to
pass through the land around Adams tribe.
Never before had one tribe attacked another simply for passing through but
then again never before had one tribe deemed itself "owners" of the land.
Ignoring Adam and giving his people a wide berth only made things worse as
Adams people were now producing surplus food.
Sure it was a scant diet that left the tribe malnourished which rendered
them even more susceptible to the illness and disease their squalid
conditions inflicted on them but this only slowed the inevitable as they
we're breeding like rabbits compared to the women of the other tribes who
had to tend to a child until it could keep up with the group before having
All this growth required more land to support it which created more
growth... and in the end a sad story.
How do a people loose themselves in history?
Destroy all the tribes that lived the old ways.
When a historian tells you about the beginnings of history they are talking
about the beginning of our current culture not humanity as a whole.
That serpent tells a hell of a story.

I've found that I need a mechanic to describe "happiness" of a group.
In the military they call it moral.
I'm messing with Fame/Fortune/Happiness where Fame gains experience from
advancing in a Power Structure, Fortune is experience from finance, and
Happiness is a kind of catchall that would cover basic Melee experience as
Happiness (combat).
An Average Joe has an evenly distributed ratio between the three areas but
a basic Melee Figure is invested in Happiness (combat) 100%.
Of course I'll drink your milkshake if I'm 100% invested in Fortune, and if
your claim to fame is a sex tape then I'll claim your invested 100% in Fame.
Don't get me wrong, the world I grew up in had Han Solo shooting first and
the kids fleeing from the FBI in ET we're risking a lot more from the
agents than a stern call to their parents as in my day they held guns not
I'm thinking that part of the "control" can be stuff like gaining support
from banking types by pushing Action to increase finance or at least limit
any opposition by leaving finance alone and very focused types like 100%
finance will tend to gravitate together.
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