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Re: (TFT) Re: Normal Human in Champions

" 80% fall with in the normal curve of development

There for human normal str is rated in the band of 8-12. Which is the
normal human range to handle the average fantasy weapon in Heroes, This is
identical to the average human being able to hold and use a sword in TFT."

Actually the sharp club bit is a Talent which is an application of an
attribute to the ability to use such a lever effectively.
I'd say 80% of the population falls in the 8 to 12 ST range ergo a standard
weapon type wouldn't require ST's that exclude over 90% of all potential
users as a requirement for use.

Of course an objective definition of normal is still required...

"I dont think you can define conan as 60 str in either system unless I am
missing your point. I tend to be quite literal in my reading

If you say that a "realistic" ST cap is 30 in TFT then what a ST 60 says is
that this is a "super" hero that has twice the ST potential of the
strongest stuff in the record books.
The idea is to represent the super hero aspect without forgetting the point
at which John Henry collapses and machines kick in.
Conan may exceed what's listed in Guinness by a great deal but I don't
recall him acting like a human trebuchet.
Conan manning the battering ram on the other hand...

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