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(TFT) Perfect Pitching Game. Home team scored zero, and wanted for murder.

So you know about my tft fantasy game with the fantasy player
characters having an earth background?

They are all from manhattan. They did a mafia boss serious (Don Madera/400
year old earther mage) wrong and were banished to Mnorenia/the tft world.

Here on this forgotten fantasy world they occasionally run into other ex
'Gebo' Gebowitz is one such friend/scum/NPC. He is an ex-associate of
Gorg(PC) the fighter, who was Larry - the - low, a mob wise guy., in his
previous earth life

Each player character has an Item which is used to allow him a way back to
earth. If a PC/NPC looses his item, or his 'Tick'(short for ticket), as its
called, he can never return.

Gebo, a devout World class Con man and S-Bag, lost his Tick to a Nobel  and
has been on the run for the last 5 years. Gebo has no chance of ever
getting home back to earth now.   Gebo promised Gorg/larry, and the other
PC's to give them the secret of  the way 'back home', IF they help him
steal his TICK back... They agreed hesitantly. Let me explain the

Earlier that day: Gorg and Friends get a visit from one of Maderas
associate, explaining that they had to prevent a murder sometime THAT day.
Who was going to murdered? the associate could not say.  If the mission to
prevent the murder failed, then Madera would gangland style murder
gorg/Larrys mother. You know the usually stuff: car batteries, sponges,
water, ductape etc.  Larry was beside himself. He had to agree. Larry
promised to even the score some day.

Larry/Gorg  and the party members agreed to help out gebo with getting back
his TICK only after midnight,  they figured that would be enough time to
prevent a murder.

They cleverly engineered their way into the home of the noble. Gebo
accompanied them. Gebo having been to the hosue before gave them the lay
out. He asked them to pick up the ring in BEDROOM A, and he would pick up
some important papers to frame the noble from BEDROOM B.  He was so
sincere, so trustworthy...   The players when to bedroom A and it was only
a library/file room. Realizing they had been duped they rushed to BEDROOM
B.   The bedside lantern was out.  Fearing the worst, GORG fumbled to light
the lantern... Gebo and the jewelry box was nowhere to be found .... and
the nobles wife hand been murdered in her bed.... head caved in with a
flower vase...  Now at the worst possible time, the nobel enters the room
with GORG leaning over the bed.

The horrors. the players had been caught RED HANDED with the murder of the
wife!  Sir Fine the Nobel drew his sword and shouts MURDERS!!!!

Hes retainers enter.   A scuffle ensues.  The players win, leaving the
Nobel a live but unconscious....

The players scape....

What a tangled web...

Perfect Pitching Game. Home team scored zero, and wanted for murder. :)
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