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(TFT) Rick's Goblin Keep - Inept Adept - Massive alchemist rules - counter sheets, etc.

On Sat, 2013-13-07 at 21:27 -0700, Edward Kroeten wrote:
> I was pulling my stuff out of "The Box" when I came upon an old printout from
> Ty Beard's old site which is titled TFT Collectors List by Michael Taylor...
>  Next I believe the Goblin Keep, Goblin Keep Adventure Supplement and The
> Inept Adept were all done by Rick Smith who is on the list, but at least to
> where I have read up to in the archive (2000) did not have access to any
> copies.  My main question is has anyone been able to find a copy of these or
> are they just gone?
>    Edward Kroeten...

Hi Edward, everyone,
  I printed these up in hopes of selling them and 
making a profit.  That didn't happen.

  Over the years, I look at what I produced as a 
kid and kinda cringe.  I can do a lot better now.
(Of course, now, I don't have time to make that 
much stuff.)

  On Ty's website I have a page which has rules
which I use.  The nice thing is if I want to 
revise them, I can do so.  

  Anyway in boxes around the house, I have many
copies of all this stuff.  I don't promise it to
be cutting edge role playing stuff and if you 
understand that bunches of it should be REVISED in
a big way (or simply tossed out) the rest should 
be of use to TFT game masters.

  There are two things that make me reluctant to
bring this up here.

1) Money is a bit tight, and it would likely cost
me a couple hundred dollars to mail it all out.

2) I no longer think this stuff is good enough
to try to sell it.

3) I don't have time to do a massive organization
job to mail it all out.  (I've got a 50 hour a 
week job AND a 2 hour commute each day. I'm starting
an extra teaching job in the fall.  No vacation 
until a year has gone by.  I have a hard time,
finding time to do many things I would like to do.

  What I have includes issues of Inept Adept, The
Great Unnamed TFT APA, Inept Adept, The Alchemist 
supplement, several counter sheets (on heavy paper
- you have to glue them down on backer board to 
be good), and likely a few odds and ends that I've

  All of these are in different numbers.  I have
a handful of copies of the early Inept Adepts, quite 
a few Alchemical expansions, maybe twenty copies of
the later goblin keeps, etc.  So I don't have a 
standard package.  A complete set would likely 
have to be mailed in a box, a smaller set could 
be mailed in a thick envelope.

  Also they are buried in different parts of the
house.  (The last time I did a big organization I
got MOST of them in one place, I think.)


  Now I would like to get rid of these.  Having a
few boxes of stuff out of the house would be great.
It would give us a bit more room.  However, it 
would be a pretty big project and I don't have 
time for it right now.  (A couple other people 
have expressed interest over the years and I keep
thinking that I should get these organized.  But 
it has not happened yet.)

  How do I decide who gets a complete set?  Do an
auction???  That sucks because, well, I don't 
really want people paying a lot of money for 
stuff that I no longer am that pleased with.

  I was planning to send a full set to Joe H. as
a thank you for the work he's put in for keeping
the whole Branniac TFT site running.

  Anyway, that is the situation.  I would be 
interested in your thoughts.  And for those who
have asked about this stuff before, I am truly
sorry I've not got back to you.  I just have not
had time.

  Warm regards, Rick.
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