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Re: (TFT) Rick's Goblin Keep - Inept Adept - Massive alchemist rules - counter sheets, etc.

May I suggest someone who can make some good digital images maybe? Assuming
you wouldn't mind them being shared and maybe Mr H or someone would be
interested in providing a bit of space? I'm limping on scan/print hardware
and unlikely to have anything better in the immediate future as there are
several projects in front of such hardware so this is easy for me to
purpose. So let's throw this one out. A group archive person for
such paraphernalia as old notes and material maybe? Or online storage
access "drive" for the list... I must have 20 or 30 gigs out there with 5 @
Amazon, 5 @ MS and so on. I don't know what others think but I love reading
through such stuff and think it's got value... although I admit to the
cringe factor but I decided long ago to take the warts farts and all
approach and so opening up my notes is hardly gonna do anything to my
"rep"... but I'm not a model for any baselines.
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