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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

Oh, if you want I have a little workup of the En Garde! stuff that uses a
tenth of a second resolution phase system. It should be similar to GURPS
but I'll need to check that. It is similar to Champions. I draw my hexes on
graph http://maoutsaou.wix.com/gomandi#! each quarter inch square is 13 by
13 inches at 1.3m across a hex side to side or a practical foot squared
which works well with stuff like floor plans and those old dance step
footprint charts.... uhhhhh
http://www.sciencenews.org/sn_arc97/6_14_97/mathland.htm the idea is to pay
attention to footwork as well as bladework and to get the
York/Reed/Hobbs/et al flavor with lots of room for routines like Dar....
the bumpkin's Pop's last resort roll-under and yada "Only Porthos would
invent a way of disarming himself" and laundry-room layouts and tactical
positioning mapwise. Ergo the IQ "I never drive faster than I can see"
stuff and scale relations as a Joe Average Hero @ 6' tall with a 3 foot
blade stepping forward with their bladearm foot from hexcenter to hexside
and thrusting can place bladetip through the centerpoint of a hex 2 hexes
away or in other words rapier is a 2 hex attack capable weapon. Hobbs did
Princess Bride too I gather and that's got a great feel for tempo and then
of course there's fatigue... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOcxnQRUhMM
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