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Re: (TFT) Polyhedral Weapon Heresy

Absolutely Joey. I'm fixing it up presentable like out from Jays dirty
notebooks and scribbled shorthand from lala land and notes that are minutia
mixed with vital stuff half of which are distributed amongst a array of
half-envelopes, napkins, post its, and a few loose leaf pages as well as
some unidentifiable patches of paper who knows the original source of but
two or three escape if I don't hold the notebooks spine down moving them.
However this state of things, unfinished as it may come across does offer
me a chance to configure the thing toward a form you may find preferable or
useful if you'd like. Have you played En Garde! ? (punctuation? lookup)
There are a couple of board games out now I see as well as a few apps.
Nothing focusing on more than fencing it appears on cursory glance so not
likely to be my bird as I'm thinking off the '75 release from GDW (already
a small rep as a good new wargame producer at the time) and oddly enough
roughly the same brown cover and booklet size as the original D&D whitebox.
The other title I'm looking at directly is the guys on the other side of
budget gaming from Metagaming at the time Yaquinto's folio games...
specifically Swashbuckler. Have a looksee if they are not familiar and let
me know if the "campaign" stuff suits what your after elseif I won't bother
with that half of the stuff and work up combat without the window
dressing... well maybe that's a scouch harsh as the Fantasy RPG medium is
detail poor for quite a few more itterations I think until VR tech and
artistic understanding manage a fingernail or two on Virtual Reality such
that too much detail can be honestly leveled at a design. For now the
charge remains a critique of the misuse of detail not its
superfluous inclusion, but I don't wanna type up a full game treatment
you'd have no use for according to your plans ergo I ask as I'm slow and
it'll be a copule of few days to tie it all up nice, or at least a
symbalance of readable anyhoo. I'm futzing off and on with this on-line
"drive" space and Chrome has some interesting app's... some even work
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