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Re: (TFT) Advanced Wizard - Melee Codified

Reading my stuff again eh? lol One of my handwritten dealies is a go at a
thesis statement about a basic "observation" I made about Players and
gaming. Heisenberg's uncertainty principle holds true in game-worlds as
well. Try making an abstract list to represent all the major structures and
resources of a small town and use that for a play session and try and keep
notes on all the on the fly details you add in response to Players. TFT can
add complexity as suits players interests and I've pointed rules to outside
reference material and provided a recording format for rules to facilitate
this... not to mention changing the rules in play is a god-like ability and
another Mnoren passtime is a game called "Killing the Rules". But the main
point is to have enough detail to support varied Player interest so that's
how I try and get there... also usually use Earth as world (example world
for sure as it's objective) as "fantasy" in the end is much more closely
matched to the real world than one may first surmise... what is the gravity
of Middle Earth? the air pressure in Oz? and so fourth and so on so much is
assumed to be Earth normal because it's take soooooo much to explain

Players create detail the longer they occupy a location... and I let Player
Actions determine what portion of the Population is opposed aka the Dark
Lord Principal.
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