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Re: (TFT) Combined Offensive/Defensive Action

> Success makes attacks on them 4d6, not 3d6.

I see. If they fail, it's 3D6 and they get no action?

> Hm... I think I might like your idea of allocating Dx. Not sure i like
> "defending" equal attack Dx-defense Dx on 4d6, seems to make you near
> invincible. I think combining that with fatigue st for increased Dx could
> make it work though...

The fatigue ST raides/lowered the dice in the attack.

So Milo ST12 DX12 IQ8 could, say, allocate 6Dx to attack and 6 to defense.
Any attack made on him would be at 5D6 (because 3 points equals 1 die
here). And he could burn 2ST to lower his attack to 1D6 vs DX (modified by
whatever his opponent is doing, of course), because rolling a 6 on 3D6 is
rough. He might then burn another couple ST if he hits to raise that
broadsword to 4D6. Or he could just use any of 6, 1D6+3 (avg. 6.5, low 4,
high 9), 2D6 (avg. 7, low 2, high 12), 3D6-3 (avg. 7.5, low 0, high 15),
4D6-6 (avg. 8, low 0, high 18).

Let's say the other guy is a mirror image. If he decides to put everything
into defense, Milo is back to doing 5D6 vs 6DX. Not too good, and he'll
lose 2 ST doing it. Sure, the other guy isn't going to hit, either, but
old Milo is now down 2 ST compared to his opponent.

Neil Gilmore
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