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(TFT) New Features of TFT Sheet.

I think my TFT sheet is a winner now.

Id like to add some random treasure tables and event tables.

HaOW has a nice treasure encounter table in it.  I could probably pull it

Can you guys give me some ideas for treasure tables?

How bout random room table? Size, Contents, traps? Maybe something along
the lines of death test?

Heres how table look ups work with excel.

Column one is the 'key' data. For example The key might be "Short sword" on
cell TT22.  I do a VLOOKUP using  that cell, into a 2 dimensional array,
and pull once piece of column data out of the row at a time. Thus you have
cost, str min, weight etc.    Its pretty simple.

The key can be a random number. 3->18., 1->10 etc... Theres a random num
generator in excel.

If yous guys (brookly accent) can craft some tables, Ill pout them in the

I could easily put a table in from a suppliment, if you dont mind the
copyright infringement :)  you can send me the tables in an email. Please
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