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(TFT) line of sight: archery. Opinions?

Since we are on the topic of archery.

I got into an argument with another player/dm. Bad Idea, I know, I'm not
suppose to argue with dm.

Here is the scoop...  intervening figures are suppose to block line of
sight, unless you declare that you rolling to miss intervening target.

player is saying that saying all squares are 5ft, and there is room for the
archer and intervening characters to move side ways. In my opinion this
takes away from the innate strategy of the game.

As far as I know, there was no coordination role between the bugbear and
the goblin

Here's a map and a key legend.

A bugbear archer
o goblin footman
P  player character
-  intervening space.


player says 'A' need not roll to miss 'o'   in order to hit 'P'
player says  'A' just need to roll a normal attack roll on 'P'

Your take?
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