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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V4 #348

"The longbow's D-shaped cross-section is a surprisingly poor design. A
flatbow, for instance, with a square cross-section, is more efficient. In
theory an I-beam design would be even better but I don't know of anyone who
did that."

So here's part of the problem with the peasants pissing about in the King's
forest for example... Yew doesn't seem to want to grow in I-beams ergo you
go with what the good Earth done gave ya no? Like wool hats on Sunday or
scrolls going into Alexandria the "State" taxed incoming trade x-many
"staves" of Yew sufficient to hew a longbow to the affect of coastal
woodlands into Russia as I understand. the goose population wiped out some
days travel out of London City for this lil diddy I doss
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