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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V4 #348

> How does arrow quality factor into all this?   I'm sure that straight
> shafts shoot
> better than curved ones, but can shafts made in the woods compare to
> shafts
> made by a real "arrowsmith"?

Real archers are all 'arrowsmiths'. It comes with the territory.
Especially on campaign.

All you really need is wood with a straight enough grain, as arrows are
made from split wood (rather than milled wood), because you need the grain
to run the length of the arrow. Carry some extra feathers, points, and
some binding, and you're set. You can be sure that there was a lot of
people out after a battle recovering arrows and arrow parts.

> And what about feathers?   Real ones, fake ones, 2 vs 3 vs 4 ... ???

Back then, you really only found real fethers being used. (sure, there's
some lighweight Japanese arrows with paper feathers, but that's not meant
for killing). The different configurations mostly exist for different
styles of shooting. The Europeans tend to shoot drawing with the fingers,
with the arrow on the inside of the bow. The Orient tends to shoot drawing
with the thumb with the arrow on the outside of the bow (which,
incidentally, reduces archer's paradox). 4 feathers works less well for
the European style.

Neil Gilmore
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