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(TFT) New counter sheet up - Zombies and Skeletons

Hi all,
 On my TFT page on Joe's site...


... I have put up a new TFT counter sheet in *.png and GIMP file formats.

It includes many zombies, a couple rows of skeletons, some monsters
and a bunch of modern people and weapons.  (I was running a modern
Zombie Apocalypse for a while using TFT rules.)

Some of the people are afraid of breathing zombie air and pretty much
are wearing space suits, so a number of these counters could work in a
TFT Traveler campaign.

I start the count at above 1 because I have a bunch of Metagaming and 
hand drawn zombies and skeletons already.  I have a version of the
file with no numbers, if you want I could likely post that and you could 
hand draw what ever numbers you want.

It took me a long time to finish this!  Over the years you can see my art
improves some.

Anyway, I retain copyright but anyone is free to make a copy for their 
own use.  Non-commercial purposes only.

I've found backer boards from comic book stores make a good thing to
glue these counters down on.  Let dry, cut out and you have thicker,
sturdier counters than what came in the microgames.

Check them out. 

Warm regards, Rick.
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