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Re: (TFT) The return of Ogre - Rick did something silly.

According to correspondence with Steve Jackson, there won't be any re-issue
 of GEV in the same format as the mini-Ogre.  Personally, I think it's a 
real shame, and would love to see all the old minigames come back out in th
e old DVD boxes again, but currently that's not his plan or intent.  The 
mini-Car Wars reprint is a teaser for the upcoming Car Wars Kickstarter (so
metime in the next year) which was a "stretch goal" for the Ogre Designer's
 Edition Kickstarter (and wasn't that an odd choice of stretch goal?).  T
hey've been working on it for some time over at SJG.  If the Ogre outcome
 is anything to go by, the Car Wars Kickstarter will be awesome.

o-Man was actually pretty good, but it never really worked as a "gateway" g
ame to GURPS for me personally because GURPS just immediately started pilin
g on the complexity to the point where I felt more like an office manager t
han a gamer.  So, while it does a good job of simulating man-to-man comba
t (and could easily be used as the "combat module" for another RPG), for me
 it failed to replace Melee, and GURPS failed to replace TFT as my primary 
Fantasy RPG.  Mind you, I own a ton of GURPS books, but mostly as backgro
und information for other games and sources for ideas for TFT.  I know th
at even if SJG acquired the rights to Steve's TFT, the odds of it ever agai
n seeing the light of day would be slim -- it would be in direct competitio
n with GURPS and why would he want to do that?  

*Though maybe if en
ough of us screamed and held our breath and wept loudly, he might see his w
ay to do a TFT Kickstarter to do it the way he originally wanted it done be
fore Thompson screwed the pooch with the original set.  Of course that's 
all pure speculation, and I doubt Thompson (who seems to be a small-minded,
 petty, and vindictive sort of person) would ever let Steve have the rights

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Gents, it's not just that.  They're selling an original reprint of Car
for $2.50 called "mini car wars".  Just looking at the graphics 
makes me wax 

They're also selling "The Spac
e Gamer" as a digital copy for $2.99 each.

 that if these mini-game reissues sell that 
they'll reissue GEV, but we'
re not counting on it [just hopeful].

And he's re-issued "Man-to-Man" 
which is essentially Melee/Wizard updated 
and the first edition of GURPS
, no idea what you all think of that, but as 
I'm tempted to buy it, plea
se chime in with opinions.  And "Orcslayer" is 
also re-released for $2
.99 digital. 

These are GREAT DAYS
 for nostalgic gaming, friends!

An email to Steve Jackson years ago ab
out re-issuing original Melee and 
Wizard resulted in the reply that all 
of the pocket games aren't his 
property and that the owner has been MIA 
from the gaming world for years. 
Also, that GURPS is a better design any
way, correcting some of the problems 
of Melee / Wizard.

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 something silly.

On Tue, 29 Jul 2014 10:52:54 -0400
Kevin Williams 
<oracle.062@gmail.com> wrote:

> I ordered my copy last night. Since th
is was the first game I ever bought
> with my own money I was really exci
ted seeing that it was available again.
> Kevin

I feel exactly the s
ame way.  I believe I bought Ogre, Rivets and Melee
at the same time, a
nd they really brought me into the world of games
beyond Monopoly and Ris

Opening my copy last night gave me the full "squee" feeling I had 3
years ago opening the game for the first time.  Can't wait to punch t
counters for the first game!

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