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(TFT) Man To Man & GURPS - was Re: (TFT) The return of Ogre - Rick did something silly.

Gamers all have different tastes, and those of us who subscribe to this email list all like and are still interested in TFT. I'm one of the few who also really likes GURPS and actually prefers it in many ways, so I'll chime in on the question of whether Man To Man is an improvement.

When Man To Man first came out, my friends and I who had played TFT for several years were getting dissatisfied with it because we knew it so well that it seemed too familiar and gamey and predictable for our personal tastes. And the characters we had who'd survived years of play were breaking some of the system - one guy had enough armor, DX and damage than many people had little chance of hurting him, and another would drill people in the head with a crossbow almost always, etc. So we were making some heavy house rules, really designing a new game, to provide what we thought we wanted at that point, and that stalled our games and was taking a lot of time and making something very unplayable.

Man To Man was almost perfect for us. It provided almost everything we wanted, and felt close to TFT, though it was just melee and no mental abilities or anything. It was the first draft of GURPS combat, and isn't all that far off from later editions of GURPS combat, but it did put all the combat rules in one place. It had active defenses, a good variety of different equipment effects and tactics, and had much more chaotic and unpredictable combats. It was quite a few more years before I started feeling the desire to add house rules to GURPS. And, the latest version of GURPS actually included a number of my house rules, without making it more complex in those ways (though they did make the books very long and complex by adding almost every possible thing from every worldbook, more or less).

So for players who are into the detail of combat, it's great, but few besides me who have those tastes are still hanging out on the TFT email list. ;-)

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