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Re: (TFT) Man To Man & GURPS - was Re: (TFT) The return of Ogre - Rick did something silly.

On Fri, 1 Aug 2014 11:05:36 -0400
De Des <denisdesharnais@gmail.com> wrote:

> It helps avoid the "hobgoblin holocaust"
> effect.
> http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/hey_wait_a_minute/2008/03/orc_holocaust.html

I liked this article, it explains to me why D&D never clicked with me.
While none of us are above a quick little dungeon crawl just for kicks,
the kill-em-all attitude wears real thin.

One thing I remembered last night was that at one point in my gaming
group in high school, we realised the GM could deduct XP as well as
grant them.  That stupid move where you pressed the jolly, candy-like button
and sprung the should-have-been-obvious trap?  Yeah, you lose a bunch of 
points for that.

We had a new guy come in once and he just killed everything in sight.
The GM improvised and had the party show up in a nursery.  Weapon comes out,
monster baby parts flying everywhere but then oops! human babies in these
cradles, slashed to bits, followed by the arrival of (roll 2d-2) 8 policemen
who quickly drag him away.  The rest of the evening was spent playing 
"Police attempt to transport the Graniteville Babykiller safely to gaol."

I can't remember his character's original name, he became Babykiller and
it stuck.  This guy got more and more PO'ed as the evening went on and
left before his character actually died, because the NPC townspeople were
leaving off before actual death, and just beating the tar out of him, then
force-feeding him healing potions so they could beat the snot out of him

It turned into one of the most interesting nights of gaming ever, as
there were some really good twists thrown in and the main party had some
very interested situations, but the new guy was screwed because he wouldn't
get out of that kill-everything POV.

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