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Re: (TFT) Man To Man & GURPS - was Re: (TFT) The return of Ogre - Rick did something silly.

Ouch.  I remember when I was 11 or 12 years old playing DnD with the high
school kids at the library; they were wanting actual role-playing, and I
had my 9th level ranger with an intelligent vorpal bastard sword and my
natural 18/00 strength (naturally) - I think the sword and I both had
psionics - I kept getting switched to different groups, until finally I got
stuck with a group of kids who were arguably even worse than I was.
 Literally, every game ended with them whipping their brightly-colored
polyhedral dice at each other and screaming obscenities, then rolling
around the floor in a general brawl.  I did a little soul-searching after
that.  My playing and my GM-ing improved.  I still had my lapses, but I
started seeing the value in characters who had flaws, and who sometimes
didn't win.  So maybe the kill-'em-all guy came around too ... that is a
kind of awesome "teaching moment" though.

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> De Des <denisdesharnais@gmail.com> wrote:
> > It helps avoid the "hobgoblin holocaust"
> > effect.
> >
> >
> http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/hey_wait_a_minute/2008/03/orc_holocaust.html
> I liked this article, it explains to me why D&D never clicked with me.
> While none of us are above a quick little dungeon crawl just for kicks,
> the kill-em-all attitude wears real thin.
> One thing I remembered last night was that at one point in my gaming
> group in high school, we realised the GM could deduct XP as well as
> grant them.  That stupid move where you pressed the jolly, candy-like
> button
> and sprung the should-have-been-obvious trap?  Yeah, you lose a bunch of
> points for that.
> We had a new guy come in once and he just killed everything in sight.
> The GM improvised and had the party show up in a nursery.  Weapon comes
> out,
> monster baby parts flying everywhere but then oops! human babies in these
> cradles, slashed to bits, followed by the arrival of (roll 2d-2) 8
> policemen
> who quickly drag him away.  The rest of the evening was spent playing
> "Police attempt to transport the Graniteville Babykiller safely to gaol."
> I can't remember his character's original name, he became Babykiller and
> it stuck.  This guy got more and more PO'ed as the evening went on and
> left before his character actually died, because the NPC townspeople were
> leaving off before actual death, and just beating the tar out of him, then
> force-feeding him healing potions so they could beat the snot out of him
> again.
> It turned into one of the most interesting nights of gaming ever, as
> there were some really good twists thrown in and the main party had some
> very interested situations, but the new guy was screwed because he wouldn't
> get out of that kill-everything POV.
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