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Re: (TFT) Man To Man & GURPS - Cthulu ethics

Cthulu being a god older than our planet, I think his followers would say that all human conception of morality is a speck of irrelevant nothingness that defies comparison to the Ancient Ones. At which point the GM would give the cultist some EP and you might need to make a Sanity Check.

Morality is subjective. Doesn't ITL mention that "bad" characters would get EP for "bad" acts?

At 10:02 AM 8/5/2014, gem6868 wrote:
cthulhu is an ancient god of some sort, right? can't remember. I guess he's ultimate evil.

-----Original Message----- From: David O. Miller

Cthulhu monsters really don't have any ethics or morality either towards mankind. They are much worse than orcs!

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