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Re: (TFT) New TFT Talent: Shield Wall.

* I don't know why everyone would need exactly the same size shield.

* I don't think your first example adds up. If the skill adds the "size" (hits stopped?) of each shield, then I'd think a man between two large shields, with one of his own, would have a total -6 hits stopped (plus whatever other armor he has...).

* I would call Roman legionary shields and Greek hoplite shields tower shields not large shields.

* I don't think your concerns about curving/bending and circular shield walls matches the rules. Six men all facing outwards all have overlapping front hexes on each side, and expose zero side hexes. I see no need for half-hexes or anything to be able to form lines where each man has overlapping front hexes with both men on either side of him. Nor do they have to face the same way.

* I think you do need to worry about the maximum protection this allows, especially since it combines with armor.

* I would suggest instead that you work the bonus into your active defense house rule, rather than hits stopped. This will avoid having people invulnerable except to high-damage attacks, and I would say be more realistic. That is, real shields tend to stop hits completely (or not at all) rather than reducing damage taken.

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