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(TFT) Re: [TFT Thail] New TFT Talent: Shield Wall.

Hi Thomas,
  When i was running my huge adventure in Thail, the penalties for 
having two figures crowded in a hex were not too bothersome, and the 
PC over-stacked often.  It was a royal pain to GM, and I made the 
penalties much more severe after that experience.  

  I would not be happy with anything that encourages PC or NPC's 
to overstack.

  Warm regards, Rick.

On 2015-02-11, at 9:34 PM, Thomas Fulmer tfulmer1@gmail.com [thail] 

> Rick,
> I have an IQ 9 Shield Wall (1) Talent in Mithras. Although mine is a 
little different:
> IQ 9, Shield Wall (1)
> The tactic of shoulder-to-shoulder fighting to shield your allies. 
Allows two heros with shields to share a hex at no dex penalty. Each 
gains protection from both shields
> While not specifically stated, I did intend the rule to mean when 
facing the same direction
> This was not particularly meant to be a realistic portrayal of a 
shield wall, just a simple rule that allowed large forces to mass 
tightly together and get a defensive bonus. While I have a lot of NPC 
soldiers in my world who have this talent, I don't think any PCs have 
taken it yet.
> In a tradtional german style shield wall you'd get a defensive bonus 
from both the right and the left, but only one would be applicable to 
any given strike. That is, half your shield was covered by the 
interlocking shield to the right, the other half was covered by the 
interlocking shield to your left, so depending on where on the shield 
you were struck, either the person to the right or person to the left's 
shield re-enforced yours making it twice as thick. The walls pushed 
against each other with swords going over or under the shields to strike 
the opponents.
> The Roman style shield wall was slightly different. The Romans used 
their large shield to cover their body's entire "front hex" while 
thrusting with their gladius at the enemy attacking the person to their 
right. The shields to the right/left prevented any enemies getting into 
their side hex
> --Thomas

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