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(TFT) doing it wrong

Have you ever had a moment when you discover suddenly that some cherished
belief is wrong?

I only recently discovered that all these years we had been handling damage
rolls incorrectly. Specifically, we always treated zero and negative totals
as 1 pip.

However, I was carefully reading the (original) Wizard rules and found a
single line which turned my world upside down:

"This same method is used to determine physical damage done other ways. For
instance, the Magic Fist spell does 1 - 2 damage for EACH ST point expended
by the wizard. If a wizard puts 4 ST into a Magic Fist, it does 4 times (1
- 2) damage...that is, 4 - 8 damage. Four dice are rolled, and 8 subtracted
from the total. If 8 or less was rolled on the four dice, no damage is done
at all...the spell was a dud."

In our games we would treat a 1 - 2 roll of 1, 2, or 3 as 1 pip of damage.

I shudder to think of the number of combats my characters would have
survived had we understood the rules.


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