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Re: (TFT) Shield Wall - Defence bonus or armor?

Hi all,
  "Historical Talents" allow us to simulate in some fashion tactics which were
used in the real world.  Professional armies at that time trained in these 
tactics, and it is cool to be able to "simulate" those battles.

  However, if these talents are put into the game, people will use them when
they are bodyguards, or to make a 3 man shield wall for when they're dungeon 
crawling, etc.

  I am fine with that.  I think it is cool that there are talents that everyone in the
group has to take.  It gives teams an edge and requires some planning.  

  Those who argued that shield walls were used when the enemy mostly had
light weapons have a strong point I think.  If I am wearing chain, have a large
shield, (5 hits stopped) and get a 1 or 2 point bonus from the shields on each
side of me, then people would shift to heavier weapons.

  (Of course, we might be giving TFT too much credit for realism here.)

  But making it harder to hit you when you are in the shield wall, does not 
preclude fighting those with high DX and lighter weapons.  That is, that 
sort of army won't just walk off the battle field when a shield wall appears.

  So right now, I am thinking, you can give a -1 DX protection modifier to 
the person on your shield side.  This modifier is doubled if they have the
talent.  Bodyguards can double this, but then the shield does not protect

  So a king could have a pair of bodyguards (one left and one right handed).
Giving him a -2 adj DX protection.  If he has this talent it is doubled to -4.

  That is a big enough deal to be worth making a talent for, but I do not think
it will unbalance any campaigns.

  I'll mull it over a while more, but I think that this is the way I will go with the

  Warm regards, Rick.

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