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(TFT) Shield Wall - Defence bonus or armor?

Hi all,
  I've been thinking about the shield wall.

  Do people think that a shield wall should give an armor bonus, or
make defenders behind the wall easier to hit?

  I am leery about giving bigger bonuses to armor.  A PC with heavy
armor, a leather flesh or stone flesh item, a shield and a shield wall
bonus is going to be immune to light & medium weapons and largely 
immune to heavier weapons.  

  Being immune to damage is pretty dull.  This makes me think that 
the talent should give enemies a – DX to hit.  

  Anyway, I am polling the group.  What do people think?  If you do
not have strong feelings, or feel that your arguments have already
been made, simply weighing in and saying which one you 
prefer would be appreciated.

  Warm regards, Rick.
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