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Re: (TFT) Re: (TFT) XP for gold

On Tue, 1 Sep 2015, PvK wrote:

The only time I have tried xp for gold was when trying to understand and play White Box D&D, and like so many things about D&D, it mainly didn't make sense to us and we mainly just used it as a laughing stock. I now have heard from old D&D players that it was in the context of dungeons, and designed to reward accomplishing goals through whatever means, which makes some sense to me if not used literally. That is, forget gold and say accomplishing certain things earns some xp, and that makes sense to me. However I now prefer trying to use xp to represent things that would actually improve abilities, rather than rewards. Of course, players should play how they like. In TFT we used the latest version of the TFT co rules, which eventually was ITL plus errata, and then a house rule where you got more or less xp for fighting stronger or weaker foes, taking equipment and magic into account.

That's a sensible kind of house rule, yes.


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