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Re: (TFT) XP for gold

On Tue, 1 Sep 2015, David O. Miller wrote:

Guys and Gals,

What's all this talk about XP? Hell, TFT characters in my games never
lived long enough to advance. In fact we always started them higher up
the attribute level, and they still died in droves. To me the real
challenge in a TFT game is to actually be one of the few characters that
lives through an adventure. To me that's the real accomplishment, and
one to be proud of!

It's just the nature of TFT, it's a brutal game system. Death can come
quickly and easily from anywhere, regardless of how many attribute
points you have. And in all honesty that's really why I love the game
system so much. I always tell new players not to get too attached to a
character, they're a dime a dozen. In fact, you'd be better off bringing
a couple of characters along on an adventure. None of this silly "only
play one character at a time" nonsense. You can have an important
character, along with his or her support staff. If your main guy dies at
the hand of the little goblin who rolled triple damage then one of his
surviving pages can rise to the challenge and continue the quest, with
continuity intact.

If I wanted character advancement and development I'd go play D&D.
Nobody ever dies in that game, at least as far as I understand it.

Forget all this book keeping of XPs. I'm not playing "Game of
Accounting". Whomever survives an adventure gets an attribute point.
How's that for ease of play?

I like your style, David!



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Kim Stanley Robinson
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