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Re: (TFT) Would an IQ 35 wizard be bad? More on Wishes.

Hi Edmund,
  I my campaigns, I've several times had characters get up to 50 attributes.
A couple times a character or two reached 60 attributes.  Also, in base TFT,
an IQ 30 is not a good value for trying for wishes unless you have a +2
charm, and even then, I would rather have a couple more points.

  However, even the wizards spread out their attributes to have a decent DX,
and ST (or fatigue superscripts) to power the spells.  I think that highest any
PC in my campaigns was around 25 IQ.  (At 25 IQ they have about a 1/46,000
chance of getting a wish, about a 1/216 chance of only dying and a 99.5% 
chance of being burnt to ashes.

 Different GM's will have different rates that PC's go up.  But I've not run into
any campaigns where 30+ IQ characters were common. 

  Warm regards, Rick.

On 2015-09-01, at 1:13 AM, Edmund Nelson wrote:

> In order to get to 30 IQ a player who starts with 8/8/8+8 would need to get
> 14 levels at mimimum. the first 4 levels cost 500, the next 4 cost 1000,
> then the next 5 cost 5000(!) and the last 1 costs 2000, for a total of 8500
> experience required.
> In order to get that much exp killing Starting characters only one would
> need to kill 355 starting characters to get the requisite EP. Killing 4 hex
> dragons requires 194 4 hex dragons to die
> in other words How the heck are you killing that many enemies before the
> entire world goes against you. It's incredibly impractical to get more than
> 40 total levels at all. and even 40 total levels is incredibly impractical.
> That's why I think giants/reptile men are so much more practical for a
> party than elves, Giants and reptile men can't gain levels.  However
> reptile men  get to their 40th point before elves would so think about that
> for a second the race that's supposed to Grow SLOWER actually has a FASTER
> growth to the soft level cap due to higher base stats.
> On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 12:42 AM, Rick Smith <rick_ww@lightspeed.ca> wrote:

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