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(TFT) HTH rules question

Hello everyone,

I have been playing TFT since 1977 and we have generally been playing 
correctly, IMO, but a young friend of mine was re-reading the rules in 
anticipation of a game with his friends and had a question for me about 
HTH combat.

On page 15 of Advanced Melee under Hand To Hand combat it states:  "On a 
roll of 6, the defender does not drop his weapon, and AUTOMATICALLY hits 
the attacker.  This hit happens immediately.  The defender can still 
make an attack (or take other action) that turn."

We had always interpreted this to mean that the attacker takes ONE 
PHYSICAL HIT against his ST, regardless of armour, etc. and of course, 
that is his action for the turn.

My friend, however, was thinking that the defender gets an automatic 
*attack* with whatever weapon he is wielding, as his "hit".

Does anyone know how this is to be played?  Is the "hit" mentioned a hit 
of one point of damage, or an attack by the defender that is 
automatically successful (no roll required), with the damage determined 
by a normal roll of the dice for the particular weapon or bare hands 
that the defender is wielding?

If you don't know for sure, how do you play it?

Can anyone cite any examples of play that clearly indicate how this 
situation is to be handled according to the rules?



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