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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V4 #431

> impose a three-, four-, or five-level limit on talents, the first level
of which
> would simply move you from 4 dice versus the relevant characteristic
> (ST, DX, or IQ) to three dice versus the relevant level

I think it's most interesting if all the rolls are kind of challenging but
impossible. But you're reducing the number of dice as you increase the
experience level of the character (and hence average characteristic) so
the rolls go from very difficult early on to really easy later, neither of
which is much fun. I think this is a problem.

When I wrote my physicker rules I said:
* Level 1 ("First Aid") had effect at Level A if you failed a 2/IQ roll and
  B if you passed it.
* Level 2 ("Physicker") had effect at Level B if you failed a 3/IQ roll and
  Level C if you passed it.
* Level 3 ("Master Physicker") had effect at Level C if you failed a 4/IQ
  roll and Level D if you passed it.

A scheme like this keeps all the rolls of intermediate difficulty.


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