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(TFT) Things to spend exp on.

Hi Jeffrey,
  I agree, this is one of the things I like about Dark City's Games remake
of TFT.  I like that you can spend exp on more things than attributes.
(Which is also an advantage in GURPS.)

  Of course, in my campaign, there are also superscripts which are 

  In my campaign, I have several other places that exp can be spent on,
but they are playtest stage, not for prime time.

  Warm regards, Rick.

On 2015-09-01, at 12:44 PM, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:
> Really, this whole discussion serves to also highlight the basic problem wi
> th how experience affects characters in the game.  If the only thing y
> ou can spend experience for is to increase attributes, this will always be 
> the inevitable result.  The laws of physics alone should preclude some
> one getting much more than 45 total attribute points -- especially given th
> e way they are described in the game rules.  Even a human circus stron
> g-man wouldn't have more than about 20 ST -- anything beyond that and your 
> talking either another race entirely, or approaching demi-god status.
> Personally, it's why I like the way Dark City Games uses experience in thei
> r micro-game system.  You can spend it on lots of things, each of whic
> h has it's advantages and disadvantages -- and it becomes a much more inter
> esting aspect of resource management at that point.

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