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Re: (TFT) Rewrite of Melee simulator in JavaScript

If I follow you, I don't see how ST11;DX13;SPEAR;NO_ARMOR;NO_SHIELD would defeat the same character charging it by choosing to Defend on the first turn, 70% of the time. That makes no sense to me, so I think either I don't understand, or the simulation isn't correctly simulating what you think it does. Because, it should be less than 50%, since the defender will still have a (fairly decent, with enemy DX 13) chance to get hit by the charge, and then it's just a poke-off between two equal foe, with the defender possibly starting with a major wound (or even being down or dead).

If the numbers are good and I do get what you mean, and ignoring the result I don't get above, then it seems like ST12;DX12;BROADSWORD;NO_ARMOR;SMALL_SHIELD also answers your question pretty well, with a 63% success rate. That design always seemed to me to be generally the best all-around design for generic duel purposes in Melee, from experience. Assuming a ST 11 DX 13 Mace/shield _dwarf_ is not allowed.

Also, I see a win by armor: Try ST12;DX12;BROADSWORD;PLATE;LARGE_SHIELD
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