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Re: (TFT) Rewrite of Melee simulator in JavaScript

At least on Firefox, there seems to be a limit on the lines shown in the Console, so long combats scroll off the top. I did one combat with nude spear dude versus broadsword/plate/large-shield, and the first turn counter showed turn 34.

Turn 34? Yup. Apparently the sword got broken, which just resulted in him standing around, not defending but just shrugging hits off his armor. He made it to round 44. So, someone who breaks their weapon, should either surrender if he's not going to fight on, or he should ready a dagger and/or attempt HTH or bash with his shield.

I assume it was broken, because on round 42, the nude spear dude dropped his spear, and recovered it on turn 43. I don't remember picking up a weapon giving attackers a +4 DX, though, and I don't see a rule saying that in original Melee, nor in Advanced Melee - looks like you just need to be in (or step one hex into) the same hex as the weapon and take an action to pick it up.
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