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(TFT) Melee tournament Champion of Champions

Ladies and gentlemen, behold: 108 Heroes. WHO SHALL BE NAMED CHAMPION OF

The format for the tournament is multiple round-robin. Round 1: All 108
heroes, paired up for 100 bouts each Round 2: The top 50 from round 1
advance, to be paired up for 250 bouts each Round 3: The top 25 from
round 2 advance, to be paired up for 500 bouts each Round 4: The top 10
from round 3 advance, 1000 bouts each Final round: The top 5 battle
royale, 10000 bouts each

Why multiple round robin? The Award of Champion of Champions goes to the
Hero who can defeat opponents of the highest level. We care not for
those who can destroy minions or fodder, but for those who can survive
in mortal combat with other most worthy contenders. The format of the
tournament ensures that only the strongest can survive.

Well Gary, to survive round 1, a Hero must be able to handle all kinds
of opponents. The full range of melee weapons will be encountered, from
quick stabbing daggers to massive great battleaxes. From nothing more
than a loin cloth to plate and shield. This is indeed the ultimate test
of versatility. And this round, only the TOP 50 GET THROUGH! I have just
two words: WATCH OUT!

ROUND 1. READY... FIGHT! [to be continued]

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