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(TFT) Melee simulator in JavaScript - Quick comments by Rick

Hi all,
  Very interesting posts everyone.

  I have used the "you need to charge 3 hexes" rule, but now we say that
the distance must close by 3 hexes.  They do not have to be along the
hex grain.  The rule that you had to build up momentum to gain this bonus,
just made logical sense to me.  

  I tried for a while, the the charge bonus was equal to the distance closed,
(so if you closed by 4 hexes you did +4 damage).  That kinda worked, but
I didn't like having to keep track of distances so I've gone back to the "close 
by 3" rule.

  I like the idea of saying the the pole weapon gets the first turn charge 
bonus X % of the time, where you can set X.  That way the simulator can
satisfy those who use the close by 3 rule and those who don't.  (That said,
take my vote with a small fractional weighting because I likely won't use 
it.  (Our fights use Advanced Melee rules with many of my house rules, so
my feeling is "they are doing something cool and I can watch", rather than
looking at it as a useful tool for my campaign.)

  Warm regards, Rick

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