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Re: (TFT) Melee tournament - ROUND 1 - Rick's comments.

Hi Robert, 
  This is a neat idea, thank you.

On 2015-10-16, at 3:10 PM, Robert Ward wrote:
> Melee tournament Champion of Champions Update 1
> Any other surprises?
> Yes -- how about this one: Hero 108 has just squeaked into the next
> round. He's a burly ST16 with pike axe, plate, and an adjDX of 2!!
> Wow, how does the fellow keep standing!
> Don't know Gary, but with a winning percentage of 55.27% he's done just
> enough to "stay standing" in this competition.

This makes me suspect a bug.  Someone with a morningstar will be
doing 3 points of damage per hit on average and hitting more than 50%
of the time.  After an average of 5 hits, hero 108 will be unconscious.

He will be able to make around 8 or 9 attacks in that time, and the odds are
against him getting ANY auto hits in so few tries.  Being generous and 
assuming he gets 8 hits, there is a 42.2% chance of an auto hit.  Now 
some of those auto hits, would be double or triples which would finish
the battle, but then his opponent has an equal chance of beating him to
a double or triple attack.

Figures with a heavier weapon that a morning star will still attack before
107, and will need fewer attacks to finish him.

On the other hand, some of his opponents will have daggers and rapiers
who are unlikely to do any damage.  Maybe enough of that sort of fighter
are in the listing to push him over a 50% win percentage?

Assuming no bug, I strongly suspect that 107 won't survive the next 

Warm regards, Rick.
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