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Re: (TFT) Spear vs. Shortsword maneuvers

Yeah, there are several different rule variations in Interplay and house rules, which I think mainly are about avoiding the 4d or 4d+4 damage of halberds and pike axes.

Oh and by the way, Rick's version of the 3-hex charge rule is I think the only one I know of that prevents MA 10-12 people using retreats or disengagement to get another pole charge effect.

Personally I'm with David in that I don't think the point is about running to build up momentum that way. The Advanced Melee section makes it clear that SJ originally meant it could be done with a one-hex move, even by a non-pole-weapon user advancing to engage a pole-weapon user.

I think the double damage (and the pole weapons go first on charge, and +2DX rules) is about the situation of having a long pole weapon being interposed between separated foes. For shortsword guy to be able to hit spear guy, shortsword guy doesn't just risk being poked by a spear on his way in, but risks advancing up a braced spear, which may mean getting run through, or poked and repulsed several times before being able to close. If a real polearm user holds it strongly pointed and aligned with someone trying to get to them with a shorter weapon, that's a more formidable obstacle and risk than just stabbing using a spear. Similar for advancing on someone and keeping the polearm firmly between you two - it has the potential for bringing a lot of the mass of the two bodies together along the pole because the geometry is of two masses with the pole between them. Two bodies moving to shorten their distance with a polearm between presents both the risk of a very sturdy impact, skewering, or preventing the movement.

Now, I think double damage only a so-so mechanic for that situation, but I think that the situation is a significant advantage and deserves some sort of modelling. I think it's important to show that getting past polearms is an important and dangerous situation.

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