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Re: (TFT) Spear vs. Shortsword maneuvers

Again history is against you on this, infantry could and repeatedly did b
reak up pikemen with swords.  Pointy sticks aren't that dangerous after y
ou get past the point.  Infantry would walk up and break thru pikemen.  S
o if I move 4 feet in 5 seconds or so I am diving on to the spear, again 
that makes no sense.  A sword lunge has just a much force and a spear lun












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       Yeah, there are several different rule variations in Interplay and

         house rules, which I think mainly are about avoiding the 4d or 4
         damage of halberds and pike axes.

         Oh and by the way, Rick's version of the 3-hex charge rule is I 
         the only one I know of that prevents MA 10-12 people using retre
         or disengagement to get another pole charge effect.

         Personally I'm with David in that I don't think the point is abo
         running to build up momentum that way. The Advanced Melee sectio
         makes it clear that SJ originally meant it could be done with a
         one-hex move, even by a non-pole-weapon user advancing to engage
         pole-weapon user.

         I think the double damage (and the pole weapons go first on char
         and +2DX rules) is about the situation of having a long pole wea
         being interposed between separated foes. For shortsword guy to b
         able to hit spear guy, shortsword guy doesn't just risk being po
         by a spear on his way in, but risks advancing up a braced spear,

         which may mean getting run through, or poked and repulsed severa
         times before being able to close. If a real polearm user holds i
         strongly pointed and aligned with someone trying to get to them 
         a shorter weapon, that's a more formidable obstacle and risk tha
         just stabbing using a spear. Similar for advancing on someone an
         keeping the polearm firmly between you two - it has the potentia
l for
         bringing a lot of the mass of the two bodies together along the 
         because the geometry is of two masses with the pole between them
. Two
         bodies moving to shorten their distance with a polearm between
         presents both the risk of a very sturdy impact, skewering, or
         preventing the movement.

         Now, I think double damage only a so-so mechanic for that situat
         but I think that the situation is a significant advantage and
         deserves some sort of modelling. I think it's important to show 
         getting past polearms is an important and dangerous situation.

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