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Re: (TFT) Pole weapons in Rick's campaign - Play styles.

One word on TFT and reality: shields!

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From: Jeffrey Vandine <jlv61560@yahoo.com> 
Date: 10/21/2015  11:09 AM  (GMT-08:00) 
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Subject: Re: (TFT) Pole weapons in Rick's campaign - Play styles. 

David makes a good point.  I don't use TFT to simulate reality either,
 but I want it to "feel" realistic.  I don't make my players describe 
their bowel movements, or detail what they had for breakfast either, but we
 all know both of those events happen somewhere along the way....
In the end, we want the rules to reflect at least a smidgen of what could r
eally happen on the battlefield -- perhaps not going into so much detail th
at we describe the specific damage done by every blow in gruesome detail, b
ut certainly we want the visceral impact of knowing that taking five hits i
s going to seriously hamper a suddenly and badly wounded character -- espec
ially given that the character only had 12 hits to begin with!
In short; "Simulation?"  No.  "Realism?"  Yes.

      From: David Bofinger <bofinger.david@gmail.com>
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 Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 12:43 AM
 Subject: Re: (TFT) Pole weapons in Rick's campaign - Play styles.
> TFT is a game.  I do not use it to simulate reality, so calling on
> from 600 years ago, tho interesting, do not tempt me to change my rules.
> My question on adding rules is do the new rules improve game play in
> some way.

This is fine as far as it goes, but leaves open the question of what is an
improvement. I think it's fairly clear that for 90+% of players the
relationship to reality matters. There's an attraction to TFT that chess
doesn't have: part of the fun is that what happens in the game can be
imagined as happening in real life, and characters can be imagined to be
real people. Conversely, a really silly rule like "characters with odd
strength walk on the floor, characters with even strength walk on the
ceiling" would be seen as bad even if it had some advantage in other ways.
So for most people eliminating a source of unrealism does, ceteris paribus,
constitute an improvement.

That said, maybe we don't need a lot of resolution: TFT mostly aims at a
simple approximation to more or less reality. And I'm doubtful about the
relevance of the performance of Swiss pike phalanges, that fought mostly in
open fields with thousands of men and 4.5 metre pikes, to the often cramped
conditions and small unit tactics of TFT soldiers wielding halberds and


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