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Re: (TFT) Classification of monster games. Defence of ASL

Hi David,
OK, that makes sense.

Squad Leader + Cross of Iron + Crescendo of Doom + GI Anvil of Victory 
basically WERE ASL.  (Well a clunky version of ASL with a couple really 
brain dead decisions (scouts?!?).)   I've never met anyone who got up to 
Gi Anvil ... who preferred the SL system to ASL.  

But just SL was a lot simpler than ASL.  And furthermore, there was no
tutorial for ASL for years.  Not until MMP built the Starter Kits.

Warm regards, Rick.

On 2015-10-22, at 12:48 PM, David Carter wrote:
> We started off with SL and really liked it and then when the new scenarios came out we added them but liked it a little less. Got tired of looking up rules so we moved on to other things. Bottom line is that we just liked the extreme simplicity of SL. Prob why we could not get into Gurps. Non cerebral bash and kill type group.
> Another crossover group in the city (Toronto....go Blue Jays) was very much into ASL. 
> Djc
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>> On Oct 22, 2015, at 3:40 PM, Rick Smith <rick_ww@lightspeed.ca> wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> You prefer SL to ASL???  Wow!
>> A friend and I were big fans of SL.  But is that rule I half remember in 
>> scenario 3 of SL, scenario 7 or 8 of Cross of Iron, or is it in Cresendo
>> of Doom?  No!  We found the rule in the erratta from GI, Anvil of Victory!
>> SL had the advantage of programmed instruction.  But the flaw was
>> programmed instruction where the rules were scattered all over the 
>> place.  (And we always bought the 2nd or 3rd editions which had the
>> erratta printed at the end of each rule book which gave us another spot
>> to look for rules.)
>> (Did you just play the basic SL, or did you add Cross of Iron, Gi, etc. 
>> etc.?)
>> Not only was ASL's rules organized, but game play was streamlined.
>> Snipers in SL were a monster.  In ASL, snipers give you a reason not
>> to bother figuring out that that tiny long range squad, if it rolls a snake
>> eyes, might cause a pin on that squad over there.  The fact that the
>> activity might alert a sniper, means that you tend to ignore the almost 
>> no chance, wild shots that you hunted for in SL.  This one rule greatly
>> speeds play.
>> Warm regards, Rick

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