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Re: (TFT) Animated TFT Battles

Can do...
Both jobs are complete mechanically speaking. I've been playing with
presentation. Nobody had asked for any... anything much less format
till now. Unsurprising as I wasn't prioritizing communication so much
as keeping notes while playing around with style and form and letting
the wall of text serve as a bit of a copyright... uhhhhhh I've not
messed a ton with Gdoc's but I think I can knock this out fairly
quicklike. Sick and tired of research I'm in anyway... this kind of
thing is very draining...

 In its Annual Energy Outlook 2009, EIA placed U.S. shale resources at
269.3 trillion cubic feet with total U.S. natural gas resources of
1,759.5 trillion cubic feet. In
contrast, Navigant Consulting (2008) finds that U.S. shale gas
resources could be as high as 842
trillion cubic feet, and the Potential Gas Committee (PGC; 2009)
provides an estimate of 615.9
trillion cubic feet. As shown in Figure 4, these shale gas resources
are widely distributed
throughout the United States.

How much shale is in the US?
A lot. The United States is among the leaders in natural gas
extraction, and holds about 13 percent of the world’s reserve of shale
gas, second only to China in potential production.
Like all resources, however, shale gas is not dispersed evenly
throughout the country. Most states have at least some formation
within their borders. Texas and Pennsylvania are flush with
multi-level basins and are the two powerhouse states in terms of
But in the South, the Carolinas are barren in terms of shale basins;
Georgia has a small section in the northwest corner and Florida’s
reserve is a splotch shared with bordering Alabama. In addition, the
regions of New England and the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon,
Idaho and Utah) lack active shale plays. In the midwest however, shale
coverage is dense, and Minnesota is the only state that is dry in
regard to current plays.

 "Clark’s earlier talk of an LNG industry - one she said would create
100,000 jobs, a C$100 billion Prosperity Fund, a C$1 trillion boost to
the gross domestic product and the elimination of British Columbia’s
debt - is starting to falter."

 "Hughes notes the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission estimates raw gas
reserves (gas that can be drilled and recovered based on existing
economics and well data) for the province at 42.3 trillion cubic

"Almost ten years of design and review makes the Oregon LNG project
safe and environmentally sound. And it will bring $90 million in new
tax revenues every year, plus thousands of new jobs, both for
construction and for support of the project during its operation—many
of them in local small businesses supplying the project’s ongoing

"The final EIS said the project would cause “some limited adverse
environmental impacts,” but those impacts COULD BE (mine) reduced to
“less-than-significant levels” by the applicants’ mitigation measures
and FERC’s recommended measures."

"Clatsop County /ˈklætsəp/ is a county located in the U.S. state of
Oregon. As of the 2010 census, the population was 37,039"

37k total pop : thousands of new jobs


Yeah... I'm actually right on it Sir as this kindda thing makes My
head hurt. The trick is the antennas. If this were such the boon why
pray tell the refining of tar sands? In industrial agriculture oil IS
food and the 1000+ miles from field to plate is just icing on the cake
they're eating while having. Pesticides and fertilizer is the rub with
climate change...

Yeah... a break is what's called for no bout a doubt it. On it.

On Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 9:04 AM, Marc Gacy <marcgacy@gmail.com> wrote:
> Jay,
> A long time ago you had  several ideas for TFT, including "mapping the
> world" and codifying ST, DX and IQ in real world terms.
> Since no one (including yourself) would accuse you of being either overly
> concise or particularly organized, have you thought about putting your
> ideas in a Google doc that could be edited and distilled by others to
> provide the information you're hoping to get across?
> ᐧ
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